Friday, October 21, 2011

The much awaited topic-trip! part 1- Goa

close to 2 weeks after returning from Goa, I'm bloggin abt it! sometimes laziness takes over even the best intentions of men.. ahem ahem.. n women for that matter.

ll try n make my story as short as possible (mein sach nahi kahungi aur sach ki sivay sab kuch kahungi).

here goes...

v (my family n myself) planned a trip after a really long time n wat btr place to go to than Goa!? so Goa was a unanimous choice but all of us wanted to see some new places too. so that's how v came up with the brilliant trip plan that v did after consulting friends, friends of friends n relatives. it was much needed coz hum sab hamare routine se pak chuke the yaar!

v left on the night of 30th Sept by bus, VRL to b specific. the journey was ok n v reached our destination i.e) Sterling Resorts in Candolium. nice rooms, lovely place. havin reached thr, v all rested till v realized that lunch won't b served after 3.30. with great effort, all of us pulled ourselves out of our bodies to dress up n go for lunch. when the food was served, v concluded that getting out of the bed was seriously worth the stuff that was making its way into our digestive systems. then v casually roamed about our resort n went to the pool at 5. the pool was too 'scary' with its max limit of 5ft of water! :P
despite the great depth of water in the pool, a lot of ppl were trying to make their mark by showing off in their own way. btw only my bro got into the pool. i was busy making fun of the 5ft 'deeeeep' end side of the pool. at 6, my parents n i pulled my bro outta the pool n v made our way to the beach abt 1/2 km walk from our place. wat happened at the beach n how i felt thr r experiences which can b illustrated with the right adjectives in a platform higher than a blog. in short, i understood the meaning of the phrase 'out of the world' that day. my photo album on fb wudv conveyed a lot abt the way i was that day.
then dinner happened.. a scrumptous meal served by the some of the most wonderful waiters (i dont want to address them that way but m not able to get the right word at the moment). by then my eyelids had decided that they were more comfortable when closed than when opened. so i fell asleep.

next day, Oct 2nd (Happy Birthday, Gandhiji) was a Sunday n v chose to look around the city. v went on a city tour or rather a state tour! it was our 2nd time in Goa. so v dint need any guide to explain anything to us as v all remembered various instances from our previous visit which itself became a tourist guide to the rest of us. shopping happened on that day.! v bought stuff for all of us. then v came back in the evening n set out to the beach for sunset n play. as the color of the sky changed from bright blue to orange to dark grey, all of us silently wished v cud spend the entire night thr, on the beach. it was beautiful. nevertheless, too much of even the rare experiences may cause it to become a part of routine n hence the cause of monotony. so all of us said our silent goodbyes to the sea which kept appealing to us to go bak to it.


  1. I like your post. I hope you really enjoyed your trip specially the deep pool :P and also the most exotic beaches. Also the decent hospitality offered by the Luxury resorts Goa makes the trip relaxing.

  2. thanks. :)
    haha.. lik i said, i was too busy appreciating the depth of the pool. so dint get into the pool. :P