Monday, March 26, 2012


Hi again!
Long time since 'I hacked my thoughts' especially for this space i guess... :)
Today a very beautiful thing happened with me at home. So i was just forced to 'come up with this'. :)

Finished work and came home at around 9. No sooner did i enter the vicinity of the divine premises of my home than did my mother come to me with her brilliant, loving smile with a piece of watermelon in one hand and the other hand ready to embrace me with a warm 'hi dear!'. Even as i tried to recover from the high rate of 'Happiness Quotient' i felt, my father, who was until then too busy cutting the watermelon to artistic sizes, suddenly came up to me to feed me the top most and the sweetest part of each watermelon slice, before chopping them to well-defined pieces.

The unassuming and immense amount of love and affection from my parents shook my definition of LUXURY yet again and filled in me an overwhelming sense of gratitude and defined the purpose of my existence.

After all, everything we do in life boils down to feeling the happiness in our hearts and spreading the same, right? :)