Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The power of a sincere aplogy

Life unravels itself in front of us in mysterious ways. It puts us to test at each step. Love is its most favorite game. It creates a maze of games within this one game called love. Winning in this game is very simple.. All one needs to do is focus on the game i.e) love. But not everybody wins in it because they give in to temptation, ego, mistrust and every other worldly pleasure.. In short.. everything except love. Sometimes a simple gesture of love like apologizing can make a huge difference on the scoreboard. It can almost save a loosing match. A sincere sorry heals wounds faster than band aid. Never be afraid to apologize in love.

Monday, March 26, 2012


Hi again!
Long time since 'I hacked my thoughts' especially for this space i guess... :)
Today a very beautiful thing happened with me at home. So i was just forced to 'come up with this'. :)

Finished work and came home at around 9. No sooner did i enter the vicinity of the divine premises of my home than did my mother come to me with her brilliant, loving smile with a piece of watermelon in one hand and the other hand ready to embrace me with a warm 'hi dear!'. Even as i tried to recover from the high rate of 'Happiness Quotient' i felt, my father, who was until then too busy cutting the watermelon to artistic sizes, suddenly came up to me to feed me the top most and the sweetest part of each watermelon slice, before chopping them to well-defined pieces.

The unassuming and immense amount of love and affection from my parents shook my definition of LUXURY yet again and filled in me an overwhelming sense of gratitude and defined the purpose of my existence.

After all, everything we do in life boils down to feeling the happiness in our hearts and spreading the same, right? :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

oF cHoIcEs...

"Every morning when u get up, u have 2 choices.. either go bak to bed or get up n make somethin out of ur day"- this i guess, from the time iv owned a phone, iv got it at least 10 times. seein it once was enuf. y wud i read the same thing 9 more times? so, quite naturally, my fingers automatically made way for the 'Delete' option whenever it recurred.

today, as i face this weird day in this weird phase of my life, when m trying to find a word more than equivalent to confusion n chaos, i feel its importance n the depth of its essence. CHOICE IS THE WAY OF LIFE N MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICE IS ITS ESSENCE. naah... m not too experienced nor too profound to say anythin abt this ancient piece of common sense. but then again, u do have a choice of continuing with this passage or over-looking it. its all abt choice... everywhr, with everyone, with everythin... (**conditions apply)

i wont brag abt any known illustrations of how this is applicable in every walk of life inclusive of that 'fwd' i started this passage with. v know how to decode the essence of that fwd. ya... all of us do! but wat intrigued me was makin choice of making the choice of gettin up...
ok... a rapid fire round b4 i proceed with this...
1. r u going to work today?
Ans: day1- i think ll apply for leave.
day2- extended leave
day3- arrey... mere leaves khatam hogaye yaar... ab toh jaana padega.
2. so wat? ull just loose some money. stay back na...
Ans: hmmm... theek hai. aaj rukh jata hun. chal picture dekhne chalte hai.
3. aaj kya khayaal hai bhaisaab? bunk kar lo!
Ans: hadh ho gayi yaar! ab jaa raha hu bas. aaj tu nahi rok paayega.
4. kyu? aaj kya khaas hai? aaj kyu nahi rukegaa?
Ans: paise kya aasmaan se tapakte hai? kaam nahi karenge toh paise kaha se aayega?
5. paise kyu kamaana hai?
Ans: jeene ke liye!
6. tu jeena kyu chahta hai?
Ans: pagal aurat! apna kaam dekh!

so... v basically got caught with no answers when v were told that v even hav a choice to live n make a living. that is.. when i say i go to office so as to make a living, isn't that a choice as well? i do have a choice of not making a living... i can imagine the horror on ur face as u read this but think abt it... thr is always a choice... everywhr... every second of our existence.

just a random thot passing thru a cluttered mind... ignore.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The much awaited topic-trip! part 1- Goa

close to 2 weeks after returning from Goa, I'm bloggin abt it! sometimes laziness takes over even the best intentions of men.. ahem ahem.. n women for that matter.

ll try n make my story as short as possible (mein sach nahi kahungi aur sach ki sivay sab kuch kahungi).

here goes...

v (my family n myself) planned a trip after a really long time n wat btr place to go to than Goa!? so Goa was a unanimous choice but all of us wanted to see some new places too. so that's how v came up with the brilliant trip plan that v did after consulting friends, friends of friends n relatives. it was much needed coz hum sab hamare routine se pak chuke the yaar!

v left on the night of 30th Sept by bus, VRL to b specific. the journey was ok n v reached our destination i.e) Sterling Resorts in Candolium. nice rooms, lovely place. havin reached thr, v all rested till v realized that lunch won't b served after 3.30. with great effort, all of us pulled ourselves out of our bodies to dress up n go for lunch. when the food was served, v concluded that getting out of the bed was seriously worth the stuff that was making its way into our digestive systems. then v casually roamed about our resort n went to the pool at 5. the pool was too 'scary' with its max limit of 5ft of water! :P
despite the great depth of water in the pool, a lot of ppl were trying to make their mark by showing off in their own way. btw only my bro got into the pool. i was busy making fun of the 5ft 'deeeeep' end side of the pool. at 6, my parents n i pulled my bro outta the pool n v made our way to the beach abt 1/2 km walk from our place. wat happened at the beach n how i felt thr r experiences which can b illustrated with the right adjectives in a platform higher than a blog. in short, i understood the meaning of the phrase 'out of the world' that day. my photo album on fb wudv conveyed a lot abt the way i was that day.
then dinner happened.. a scrumptous meal served by the some of the most wonderful waiters (i dont want to address them that way but m not able to get the right word at the moment). by then my eyelids had decided that they were more comfortable when closed than when opened. so i fell asleep.

next day, Oct 2nd (Happy Birthday, Gandhiji) was a Sunday n v chose to look around the city. v went on a city tour or rather a state tour! it was our 2nd time in Goa. so v dint need any guide to explain anything to us as v all remembered various instances from our previous visit which itself became a tourist guide to the rest of us. shopping happened on that day.! v bought stuff for all of us. then v came back in the evening n set out to the beach for sunset n play. as the color of the sky changed from bright blue to orange to dark grey, all of us silently wished v cud spend the entire night thr, on the beach. it was beautiful. nevertheless, too much of even the rare experiences may cause it to become a part of routine n hence the cause of monotony. so all of us said our silent goodbyes to the sea which kept appealing to us to go bak to it.

Monday, September 12, 2011

cR@Z!eR with each passing day!!!

hey!! :)

m itching to blurt it out!
i had an awesome experience getting drenched on purpose, today.

on the way back home this evening, i just stopped by Ragigudda, contemplating whether or not i shud go n say "hi" to God b4 i go home. this is more or less the case each time i pass the temple on my way bak home. today, somehow, i just felt i shud go n i went. had a beautiful darshan of Ganeshji, Devi n the Navagraha Devas. after this comes the best part of visiting this temple... the staircased-uphill-climb to get darshan of Ishwara, Aanjaneya plus Lord Rama n family. i simply love climbing up those stairs especially jab bheed kam hoti hai. :)

aaraamse sabko "hi" bolke jab neeche aanewaali thi, then it started to pour. in the beginning it was jus a few drops here n thr. so i jus assumed that itni baarish nahi hogi.. bas thoda bahut daraake chalejaayegi. lekin by the time, i came to receive the prasad, the 'tap...... tap.......' had changed to 'tap... tap... tap...' n b4 i even finished having my prasad completely, it was 'tap tap tap tap tap'.

dint have any other choice... waited in the chappal stand along with so many other bhakth-jans. waiting is one activity for which i have very limited patience. its an altogether different issue that i make ppl wait at times... but this is not the right place to discuss it. anyway coming bak to the point, i cant wait. yet, i waited coz it was raining very heavily n i waited coz it continued to do so. half an hr seemed lik half a life time to me! cudn wait anymore. also Varsha Deva had heard my prayer but it wud tak a while b4 the request wud b fully processed. so wat to do ash??

i had 2 Westside covers in my bag. took out 1, put my huge bag into it with the help of a lady who was kind enuf to help me in my struggle to stuff it in with 1 hand coz i was carrying some prasad in my other hand for family. then i took the other cover n covered my bag from the top. so my bag n its contents were now completely safe from getting wet. n then i waited for 5 min. then i got d much awaited n expected concern call from mom asking me abt my whereabouts. after informing her, i got this sudden wave of thot which seemed to linger on... how abt enjoying d rain instead of shielding myself from it? :) afterall, all of us go to WonderLa for the same reason right? :)

so i set out. the rest of my chappal stand comrades were watching n might have wondered to themselves "wat on earth is this girl doin gettin herself wet lik this??". but who cares? i knew id love wat i was abt to do.. so i started my Dandi... sorry... Masti march back home. thr was a wide smile on my face n occasionally, i lookd up at the sky to see the water drops which wud, in a few seconds,make their way across my face. it was beautiful. as i marched ahead, i saw so many uncles, aunties, gals n guys standing under anythin that wud cover them. they all watched me as i enjoyed the rain more n more with each step.......

finally i reached home n yes, all the health concern talk happened n mom dried my hair for me n slowly i slipped bak into my routine mode from my crazy mode. :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Invented for...

i know! i know! i had promised to write about the dance show but i felt that wat i am writing abt now is more appropriate in the present context (for heaven's sake... don't ask wat the context is!.. coz even i dont know!).

the tagline of the company i work for reads 'Invented for ....'. now if u recall, id written or rather blogged abt something to do with choices n all... in that id rather sadly n indirectly mentioned how very sad i was to b in the company i was in. today, after 1 month and 18 days, i have come to realize that even i am pretty much into the company lik so many others. it dawned on me when my mom sat smiling and caught me red-handed when i was quite innocently engrossed in describing "our company" n "our products". for all i know, i guess my mom was more affected than anyone else (except me of course) by the fact that i dint get to go to a company of my choice. hence the smile on mom's face becomes the most important line in the whole article.

the ppl, the culture, the atmosphere, the warmth, the change have modified my view n most importantly the CQ (contentment quotient) in my life despite some 'fire scares'. thr s restlessness no doubt but its under control now. i get to control when n whr i get restless. so that's pretty good right? :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011


hi there!
long tym! :)

one word that any person.. male or female would associate with a female is 'shopping'.
(if its a girl reading this article.. then m sure thrz this wide smile of approval n if its a guy, ud probably b thinking "huh! tell me bout it!")

i work in a company which is right opposite one of the foremost and popular malls in the city. so at any point of my working life, if thrz some free time, u know whr ud find me.

each time i enter the mall, its a new experience (yeah! despite the mall being the same one, crowd- the usual one, company also more or less the same). whether i enter the mall to eat/ shop/ window shop/ accompany shoppers, i find it different and exciting.

today, for a change, i went shopping... festival shopping! now by that, i don't mean to say that i went to buy clothes for myself.. i went to get the things needed for the festival (flowers, fruits, bangles, etc). so y the big deal abt this shopping?? haven i done it b4??? nah... nothin lik that... iv gone b4 but generally my mom does all this. this time round, mom s a lil unwell. so i had to go.

it was a different experience again coz it had been really long since i went to do some non-clothing shopping. this shopping is different from mall shopping. here u get to see variety! u want flowers? u get to see 10 different sellers trying to sell the same variety of flowers for nearly the same price as his fellow seller! btw u have to bargain else u r sure to hav an empty wallet!

since id gone with dad, bargaining was diff coz somehow dads dont lik nor hav the patience for it. v bought 3 types of roses n some yellow 'shaavanthige'. so that being done, next we went inside the market. oh my God!! kya bheed tha yaar!!! anyway coming bak to the point... next on our agenda was 'villed ele' and 'bella'. here thr was no scope for selection coz mom had told us which shop v shud get em from. dad had got fruits in the afternoon. so v were more or less done with the 'shopping'.

one last thing v had to buy were bangles for me... id taken my dupatta along to choose the right color but somehow, none of the designs were appealing. so that was shopping!

since the title reads 'shopping', id lik to do some justice to it by saying that the best part about shopping... irrespective of the reason behind it is that it is refreshing! (guys- "good Lord! not again!"/ grils-"u said it girl!") when i left home, i was in a weird submissive mood but by the time i came back, wohoo!! wat a change! i was all smiles!! :)

so that's it abt 'shopping'!

for those who expected more... "sorry.. i got a lil distracted as i was engrossed in 'Just Dance' when i was at the crucial stage of the article".
for the rest... "ll bug u with more! next one is on 'Just Dance'!" :)

so long then.
shubharatri! :)