Monday, August 29, 2011

Invented for...

i know! i know! i had promised to write about the dance show but i felt that wat i am writing abt now is more appropriate in the present context (for heaven's sake... don't ask wat the context is!.. coz even i dont know!).

the tagline of the company i work for reads 'Invented for ....'. now if u recall, id written or rather blogged abt something to do with choices n all... in that id rather sadly n indirectly mentioned how very sad i was to b in the company i was in. today, after 1 month and 18 days, i have come to realize that even i am pretty much into the company lik so many others. it dawned on me when my mom sat smiling and caught me red-handed when i was quite innocently engrossed in describing "our company" n "our products". for all i know, i guess my mom was more affected than anyone else (except me of course) by the fact that i dint get to go to a company of my choice. hence the smile on mom's face becomes the most important line in the whole article.

the ppl, the culture, the atmosphere, the warmth, the change have modified my view n most importantly the CQ (contentment quotient) in my life despite some 'fire scares'. thr s restlessness no doubt but its under control now. i get to control when n whr i get restless. so that's pretty good right? :)

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