Monday, September 12, 2011

cR@Z!eR with each passing day!!!

hey!! :)

m itching to blurt it out!
i had an awesome experience getting drenched on purpose, today.

on the way back home this evening, i just stopped by Ragigudda, contemplating whether or not i shud go n say "hi" to God b4 i go home. this is more or less the case each time i pass the temple on my way bak home. today, somehow, i just felt i shud go n i went. had a beautiful darshan of Ganeshji, Devi n the Navagraha Devas. after this comes the best part of visiting this temple... the staircased-uphill-climb to get darshan of Ishwara, Aanjaneya plus Lord Rama n family. i simply love climbing up those stairs especially jab bheed kam hoti hai. :)

aaraamse sabko "hi" bolke jab neeche aanewaali thi, then it started to pour. in the beginning it was jus a few drops here n thr. so i jus assumed that itni baarish nahi hogi.. bas thoda bahut daraake chalejaayegi. lekin by the time, i came to receive the prasad, the 'tap...... tap.......' had changed to 'tap... tap... tap...' n b4 i even finished having my prasad completely, it was 'tap tap tap tap tap'.

dint have any other choice... waited in the chappal stand along with so many other bhakth-jans. waiting is one activity for which i have very limited patience. its an altogether different issue that i make ppl wait at times... but this is not the right place to discuss it. anyway coming bak to the point, i cant wait. yet, i waited coz it was raining very heavily n i waited coz it continued to do so. half an hr seemed lik half a life time to me! cudn wait anymore. also Varsha Deva had heard my prayer but it wud tak a while b4 the request wud b fully processed. so wat to do ash??

i had 2 Westside covers in my bag. took out 1, put my huge bag into it with the help of a lady who was kind enuf to help me in my struggle to stuff it in with 1 hand coz i was carrying some prasad in my other hand for family. then i took the other cover n covered my bag from the top. so my bag n its contents were now completely safe from getting wet. n then i waited for 5 min. then i got d much awaited n expected concern call from mom asking me abt my whereabouts. after informing her, i got this sudden wave of thot which seemed to linger on... how abt enjoying d rain instead of shielding myself from it? :) afterall, all of us go to WonderLa for the same reason right? :)

so i set out. the rest of my chappal stand comrades were watching n might have wondered to themselves "wat on earth is this girl doin gettin herself wet lik this??". but who cares? i knew id love wat i was abt to do.. so i started my Dandi... sorry... Masti march back home. thr was a wide smile on my face n occasionally, i lookd up at the sky to see the water drops which wud, in a few seconds,make their way across my face. it was beautiful. as i marched ahead, i saw so many uncles, aunties, gals n guys standing under anythin that wud cover them. they all watched me as i enjoyed the rain more n more with each step.......

finally i reached home n yes, all the health concern talk happened n mom dried my hair for me n slowly i slipped bak into my routine mode from my crazy mode. :)


  1. U ve tried out one of The most awesome experiences :) >> Good :)

  2. hmmm!..getting wet in the rain is enjoyable!..unless ur sure ur belongings are safe from the horror of becoming wet! :P

  3. "i lookd up at the sky to see the water drops which wud, in a few seconds,make their way across my fac"

    best part so far.. loving it..