Saturday, November 26, 2011

oF cHoIcEs...

"Every morning when u get up, u have 2 choices.. either go bak to bed or get up n make somethin out of ur day"- this i guess, from the time iv owned a phone, iv got it at least 10 times. seein it once was enuf. y wud i read the same thing 9 more times? so, quite naturally, my fingers automatically made way for the 'Delete' option whenever it recurred.

today, as i face this weird day in this weird phase of my life, when m trying to find a word more than equivalent to confusion n chaos, i feel its importance n the depth of its essence. CHOICE IS THE WAY OF LIFE N MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICE IS ITS ESSENCE. naah... m not too experienced nor too profound to say anythin abt this ancient piece of common sense. but then again, u do have a choice of continuing with this passage or over-looking it. its all abt choice... everywhr, with everyone, with everythin... (**conditions apply)

i wont brag abt any known illustrations of how this is applicable in every walk of life inclusive of that 'fwd' i started this passage with. v know how to decode the essence of that fwd. ya... all of us do! but wat intrigued me was makin choice of making the choice of gettin up...
ok... a rapid fire round b4 i proceed with this...
1. r u going to work today?
Ans: day1- i think ll apply for leave.
day2- extended leave
day3- arrey... mere leaves khatam hogaye yaar... ab toh jaana padega.
2. so wat? ull just loose some money. stay back na...
Ans: hmmm... theek hai. aaj rukh jata hun. chal picture dekhne chalte hai.
3. aaj kya khayaal hai bhaisaab? bunk kar lo!
Ans: hadh ho gayi yaar! ab jaa raha hu bas. aaj tu nahi rok paayega.
4. kyu? aaj kya khaas hai? aaj kyu nahi rukegaa?
Ans: paise kya aasmaan se tapakte hai? kaam nahi karenge toh paise kaha se aayega?
5. paise kyu kamaana hai?
Ans: jeene ke liye!
6. tu jeena kyu chahta hai?
Ans: pagal aurat! apna kaam dekh!

so... v basically got caught with no answers when v were told that v even hav a choice to live n make a living. that is.. when i say i go to office so as to make a living, isn't that a choice as well? i do have a choice of not making a living... i can imagine the horror on ur face as u read this but think abt it... thr is always a choice... everywhr... every second of our existence.

just a random thot passing thru a cluttered mind... ignore.

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